Imperio is a ‘mini array’ system that offers a powerful, flexible and scalable active audio system that is ideal for installation in mid-size venues as well as for use by production companies working on one-off events or touring productions. At the heart of the series is the versatile Imperio mid/top module, which offers a 90-degree x 15-degree dispersion angle and an integrated rigging system allowing multiple units to be connected together with splay angles of 0, 4, 8 or 12-degrees. The compact and lightweight cabinet incorporates a 240W (RMS) Class D amplifier module driving a pair of 4.75" Neodymium woofers alongside six 1.75” IDVAT (Inverted Dome Vertical Array Technology) high frequency drivers. For low frequency reproduction, the Imperio Series also features a dual 10” woofer sub enclosure, the Imperio SUB210. This utilizes a 6th Order Bandpass design and boasts a 700W (RMS) Class D amplifier with an internal crossover switchable between 90Hz and 120Hz.