VDO Atomic Bold Hybrid Lighting Fixture

The Martin VDO Atomic Bold is an incredibly versatile creative LED hybrid fixture and the newest addition to the VDO Atomic family. It includes a wide range of functionality to support a myriad of applications as an audience blinder, strobe light, creative LED pixelmapping surface, eye-candy effect light and stage wash – all in a single, compact fixture.

Including many of the benefits that made its sibling, the VDO Atomic Dot a popular hybrid fixture, the VDO Atomic Bold retains the same interlocking mechanics, same cabling and a similar look but is a larger fixture with higher, full color output to offer lighting designers even more creative potential.

It features a unique octagonal-shaped design with simple connections to work as a single light or in multiples to form a large array. In addition to industry-standard protocols such as Art-Net, sACN and DMX, Martin P3 control unleashes creative freedom to mix video mapping with DMX control.

The VDO Atomic Bold targets rental customers and set and lighting designers working in concert/touring and TV shows but is also a perfect fit for corporate and customers in the higher end nightclub market.