The China Bible Seminary

The China Bible Seminary
The China Bible Seminary, located next to the Ngau Tam Mei, The Vineyard, Yuen Long, with quiet, pleasant scenery. The new seminary building was completed in the end of last year and starting the interior decoration. MPHK Group Ltd (MPHK) was provided audio-visual and public address systems for the China Bible Seminary.

The new Seminary hall was designed with wide and simplicity structural, MPHK chose MACH CM8 as main Speakers for the auditorium, CM8 is an ultra-compact design with constant coverage speaker, easy for installation, full and clear, whether vocal or music can clearly convey. MPHK also provides The JBL Commercial Series sound system for the public area of the Seminary, JBL Commercial Sound are designed to provide solutions for the public address system, including background music, paging systems and emergency broadcasts.
In addition, an integrated video system, including cameras, projector, electric screen and video mixing software are installed in auditorium and classrooms for teaching and preaching even live streaming broadcasting. 

The China Bible Seminary was founded in 1930 Shanghai Jiangwan; recalibrated after 1964 in Hong Kong in the strong densely populated and business district of Tsimshatsui more than forty years; in 2009 moved to its present site in Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long; by the end of 2014 the new building completed and inaugurated.

Products involved:
MACH CM8 Speaker x 2
Soundcraft EPM12 Audio mixer x 1
Crown XLS 1000 Amplifier x 1
Shure CVG 12 Gooseneck microphone x 1
Shure BLX23R/SM58 Wireless microphone x 1
Shure BLX14R/WL93 Wireless microphone x 1
Shure SM48 Handheld microphone x 1
JBL CSPM 4 Microphone x 1
JBL CSMA 80W Audio mixer x 3
JBL CSR-V Volume control x 2
JBL CSA-2120 Amplifier x 1
JBL CST-2120 Transformer x 1
JBL CSS-1S/T Speaker x 6
JBL CSS-H15 Speaker x 4
Audio DSP Processor x 1
Panasonic LCD Projectorx 4
Electric / manual screen x 4
SD integrated camara x 2
VMix live video production software x 1